Rocky Mountain 4th of July

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When last left our intrepid duo, they were being chased by a moose and a squirrel as they traveled from Utah to New Mexico. Wait. Wrong TV show. Anyway… Our intrepid duo are apparently not ones to let the grass grow under their feet, because they took off to spend the Fourth of July weekend high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Along the way, they stopped at the Colorado Farm Brewery (a Harvest Hosts location) for an overnight, and then headed up to Mueller State Park campground where their electric site had a lovely view of Pike’s Peak. Did we mention the hailstorm and torrential rain as they drove through a Colorado mountain pass? After a lovely time at Mueller State Park, they also spent a nice evening at Trinidad Lake State Park on their way back to Santa Fe. Now if they could just get that darned Boris and Natasha to stop following them.

EDITOR’s 2023 UPDATE: Lots of people thought this post was odd when it was first published. It turns out, it was all subterfuge to hide the fact that we went up to Colorado to visit a lot of RV dealers in the Ft. Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs areas while we pondered the idea of becoming full-time RVers. Sorry for the deception. By the way, we actually did find an RV we liked while we were in Colorado. It was a 2019 Airstream Classic 33FB. David went back up to Denver a few weeks later to have it professionally inspected, after which we decided not to go through with the sale. He still talks about the size of that bathroom, though.

Total Miles: 600

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