A Move 25 Years in the Making

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If you just read the previous post, you’d be forgiven if you thought that this post is somehow related. You’d be wrong. But you’d be forgiven.

You see, we’ve been considering a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for about 25 years. We subscribed to the local newspaper (no, really. we had it delivered via U.S. Mail to our house in SoCal for months!), we talked to locals about everything from schools, to restaurants, to synagogues, and we even made a trip to look at real estate (ask us about the, “do you like trains?” story!). At the end of the day, we balked. Until now.

With the kids up and out (again), and the real estate market booming, we finally decided to sell the house in Park City and make the move to Santa Fe. We’d made several trips there over the past 6 months, the last of which was over Christmas and New Years. On the drive home we decided to pull the trigger.

Once the house was sold, the boxes were packed, and the movers headed out with all our stuff, it was just the two of us, Doug, our two cars, and Al Denty the Airstream Basecamp 16x. So what to do? You guessed it: Road trip!

We loaded up the cars and the camper and drove South, stopping for the night at the Canyon Discovery Center in Monticello, Utah, which is a Harvest Hosts location. This was Doug’s first overnight in the RV and, other than being awakened and scared by a pack of howling coyotes (he calls them, “wild dogs”), he did great! From there we headed to Santa Fe and our new hometown. Our long term rental would not be ready for another month so we are in a really nice rental casita on the historic east side for the first month. We can’t wait to explore our new hometown further!

Total Miles: 650

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