Thanksgiving 2021 – A bunch of firsts

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Back to SoCal we went, this time for Thanksgiving! We intended to stay overnight again at The Revere Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada, but we got ambitious and drove the whole way instead. That was our first first for this trip.

This was our first trip to the famous Malibu Beach RV Park, but it for sure will not be our last. You know what they say are the three most important things in real estate, right? Location! Location! Location! And this place has it in spades!

Of course, if we are headed to Southern California from the mountains of Utah at the end of November, we must bring our bikes! We did several rides up and down and all along the gorgeous Malibu coastline.

This was also our first time meeting our new granddog, Carl the Sheepadoodle. He’s such a cute little bundle of fluff and he has such a great personality! We can’t wait to see him grow up.

On the way home we once again stayed at the fabulous Cedar Pocket for some choice boondocking. So while this was not our first time here, it was our first time taking a drone selfie here

Total miles: 1,500

Enjoy the photos!

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