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Welcome to our new site, Al Denty Adventures! Al Who? Is that spelled correctly? Allow us to explain.

Al is our 2021 Airstream Basecamp 16x. Like all good Airstreams, Al has a number and a name, and our Airstream has been named, Al Denty. The first name, as any good high school student will tell you, is the chemical symbol for the element Aluminum, which is what Al is made of. His last name represents the inevitable dents that will appear over time as we adventure with him all over the Western United States and beyond. Of course, the name is also a bit of a pun on the Italian term, al dente, which means, “to the tooth,” which is the ideal consistency for pasta.

Like most people, we went a bit stir crazy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and after renting a similar trailer in the summer of 2020 (more on that in another post), we put in our order, upgraded our tow vehicle (ah yes, another forthcoming post), and waited 6 months for Al to arrive. 

Now that Al is here, we plan to share our adventures with you on this site, on Instagram, Twitter, and perhaps even over on YouTube. We hope that the stories, pictures, and videos of our adventures will provide you with some entertainment, escape, tips, product reviews, and yes, perhaps even some education (most likely, what NOT to do).

So come along for the ride with us! But please stop asking if we’re there yet.

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